Globe Trotting and New Beginnings

Stoli Sait

Posted on: September 6, 2009

We left Shekhar’s place today at 5:30 pm.  After walking 2 blocks Sahir got a call from Shekhar telling him that we forgot our phone charger :)…. he brought the charger to us while we waited at the corner of 14th and 4th ave. This city never fails to amaze me with the people, the hustle bustle and just the overall energy. We took the 6 train to 51st street and then the E train to Queens and then the air train to JFK. After security and having our last meal – a yummy chicken sandwich and orzo salad from Balducci we walked to our gate and Sahir caught a glimpse of college football on TV. Unfortunately they weren’t playing the TX game so we continued our trek to the gate. There wasn’t a seat available so we sat on the ground and looked at each other and the first thing we said was “He’ll be alright”.

We are waiting at our gate in this hustling bustling airport ready to head out to Reykjavik, Iceland. The trip that we have been planning since March. A part of me is super excited because I still cannot believe that this is actually happening!?! really? we are going to be traveling and living out of a backpack for 4 months?? but at the same time all I can think about is my little Stolu.

Stolu has been sick for the past 3 days, he has been throwing up a lot and after Sameer took him to vet today, the doctor gave him some shots and medications. The verdict is that the vet doesn’t know what’s going on but if these medications don’t work by Tuesday then they will have to proceed with other vigorous methods like taking x-rays, bloodwork and potentially surgery. These sound very scary to me especially because we are not there with him. True, we cannot really do much if we were there but still being with him sounds very comforting right now.  I am SO grateful and thankful that his uncle Sameer is taking such good care of him. It is not easy to take care of a sick animal because you cannot do anything to help him. The animal will do what he has to but at the same time it is not easy to see the animal all depressed and uncomfortable either.

Stoli has been sick only once before. When he was very little I fed him bad treats (i didn’t realize they were expired) and he got diarrhea. He was only 3-4 months old then and he had no idea what was happening to him. He would come out of the litter box with poop all over him and I had to give him a bath every 2 hours. The medicines that the doctor gave him  fixed his tummy and he was good within 4-5 days. We pray and hope that the medicines fix his tummy again and he gets better soon.

Thank you very much Sameer and Zejfa for taking care of our little baby like he was your own. Sorry baby Stolu that we aren’t there with you right now… everything will be fine and you will be better soon.

Love you Stolu baby

Update: Stolu is doing fine now. He is eating and back to being his crazy self 🙂 Hopefully whatever it was has passed.


4 Responses to "Stoli Sait"

I am happy to hear that Stolu is fine. Hope the two of you are enjoying your travels 🙂

Glad Stolu is doing better!! Poor little thing!

soooo happy that Stolu is doing better and no surgery is needed. When I told Anuj that he is not doing well, the first thing he said was… “we should have kept stolu here.” 🙂

I have never had any pets in my life before knowing stolu and chinky and you know how it is with pets and me… but I have grown to love both of them; especially stolu. I will definately miss “pet-sitting” them and even though they were at my place for only few days, the house was empty after they left. I miss you… stolu-molu 🙂

That sounded so scary! It must have been really hard for you to leave him when he was so sick. Glad to know he’s doing better!

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