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Blue Lagoon Spa, Reykjavik, Iceland

Posted on: September 9, 2009

When hoopy recommended the Blue Lagoon Spa to us, I was skeptical. The term “Spa” usually invokes the following impressions from me:

1) Overpriced

2) Over – “Foo Foo” – ed

3) Overrated

The Blue Lagoon Spa is none of the above. It is “priced”,  classy but not too prissy, and it definitely surpassed expectations. From the mist emanating from the natural geothermal pool, to the massaging waterfall and soothing viking beer, it was an awesome experience.

There are many recommended ways to spend your time there. Here are a few of them:

The Gondalia:

Dip in Lagoon


Dip in Lagoon


Dip in Lagoon

Hookah (if only!)

The Metro:

Dip in Lagoon

Apply silica mud on face


Dip in Lagoon

Apply silica mud on body


Dip in Lagoon

The Workout:

Swim in Lagoon

Stand under waterfall

Hang in steam room

Dip in Lagoon



A note about the price: While the cost of entrance is worth the experience, I found out that most Icelanders seldom visit it because every city has local thermal pools for 1/10th the price. Next time a visit to the local geothermal pool is in order!

Some photos from our visit:



6 Responses to "Blue Lagoon Spa, Reykjavik, Iceland"

I like the Gondalia. Coincidentally that is what I did as well. Except instead of hookah I drank Dr. Pepper. This Gondalia chap must be a badass.

I went to the Laugardalslaug neighbourhood public pool / hot water “hot-pot” as well. Its not 1/10th the price, it is more expensive. However, access is included if you have the Reykjavik city pass (Buses + Museums + Pools). The public pool was an interesting experience, I’m glad I went. It was convenient, wherever you are theres one near you. They’re a bit too sterile though.

Also the hot water “hot-pot” where you soak in thermal hot water was really small, and filled with people when I went, I would’ve had to wait to get in.

You have to be comfortable with public nudity, mostly your own. You *have* to strip down and wash yourself with the biodegradable soap they provide. And wash thoroughly, theres even signs showing you what areas of your body you should focus on. The pools aren’t chlorinated, so they don’t want people tracking in dirt and bacteria.

The Blue Lagoon is still a must-do for visitors to Reykjavik, highly recommended.

The Blue Lagoon also had mandatory strip down and soap wash before entering it, with the map showing specific body parts to wash…did you miss that? I heard everyone got swine flu a few months ago…now i know why…

Ya but the Blue Lagoon has private shower stalls. As opposed to the public baths where its all out in the open. Some people can’t handle that.

This looks mindblowing! Nice to get a glimpse of Sahir’s pre-Ghajini look! 😛

That looks awesome…..if I ever make it there, I think the Gondalia would be a personal favorite!!!

guys, this looks amazing… steam from the lake… moutains in the background… very magical 🙂 hope you guys are having fun in Paris.

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