Globe Trotting and New Beginnings

The Red Arrow Train

Posted on: October 8, 2009

According to a Russian travel website “The Red Arrow is probably Russia’s most famous train. In Soviet times, it carried the Communist Party elite between Moscow and what was then Leningrad. It is still one of the most popular trains between the two cities. The train even has its own theme song that plays as it departs from the station.”

We decided to take this infamous train from St. Petersburg to Moscow. It is a overnight train, and takes about 8 hours to complete the journey (Famous, comfortable, but definitely not fast!). Being my birthday, we decided to travel in the first class compartment. Here are are pictures from this trip:

Train Number 1 @ 23:55


“Red Arrow”


With The “Provodnitsa”


Equipped with TV, but everything in Russian, even Hollywood movies


Travel pack includes Red flip flips and headphones


Equipped with Water and a box of random food. Hot breakfast in the morning was better, but I guess after taking less fancy trains even this snack pack is a luxury.


Upgraded light and temperature controls. The temperature control feature was not available on the 2nd class cabins of the trans siberian trains.


Volume Control and Unknown button.


Fancy Train Corridor


All Red Arrow-ed up, and ready to go!


Shoe Shine Tissue, didn’t really help the hiking shoes.


One Free Drink, hmm what should we get?


Ahh, the perfect combination!


Wagon set to a comfortable temperature…


Ritu is all set.

IMG_1221and so am I! To St. Petersburg…


3 Responses to "The Red Arrow Train"

The train looks amazing … very fancy! I have been falling behind on your stories. Will catch up this week. Keep posting! Love seeing the pics! Definitely inspires me to travel more! 🙂

Cool train!

Similar to the trains here in Thailand – definitely WAY better than the overnight buses!

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