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Hello Hello!

So its been a LONG time since I penned down my thoughts… I actually went to and was shocked when it said “The authors have deleted this blog” and I thought what the? huh!?! when??!?! and then I realized I put in the wrong address 🙂

So what have we been upto??

We spent a month in Incredible India…

Sahir’s cousins kids

In a houseboat

At Kochi Harbour

Watching Kathakkali

Kochi Jew Town, at the restaurant Dal-Roti

(watch out for another blog on this)

Ahmedabad (for a wedding)
The happy bride and groom with us

At the reception

With the families

Mumbai with friends, friends and more friends 🙂

Kashmir (Sahir still needs to write a blog post on that)
Sahir with his buddy 🙂

Me as Kashmir ki kali 🙂

Divia and me with some very hospitable Kashmiris


Gorgeous Kashmir

Delhi (where Sahir fell seriously ill with food poisoning and had to be admitted to the hospital)
At the Rashtrapati Bhavan

Rohit’s wedding luncheon

In general just being silly 🙂

After India, we went to Dubai for Sahirs brother’s wedding which was a TON of fun!

My 2 yr old niece getting some Henna

The entire family for Nanima’s 75th birthday 🙂

After spending some wonderful time in Dubai with both our families, we came back to the US to continue our nomadic lifestyle… and you thought it was over… tsk tsk 🙂 We stayed in DC for a few weeks, went to Canada for a couple of weeks and then got back to DC where we were snowed in with the biggest snow storm that DC saw in a 100 years! (we had to see the best one right? cant be seeing no itty bitty storms!)

Sahir and Sameer getting ready to shovel the snow 🙂

Sahir was excited about this!

Winter Wonderland!

Stolu experiencing snow for the first time in his life…

Currently we are back in Austin enjoying life before moving to Canada. Basically fun on the run!! 🙂 Somewhere in there I was getting slightly annoyed with everything (you know stuff like not having a home, living out of a suitcase) but then I realized that hey! this is the only time we will actually be all over the place so why not enjoy it!!  So here we are… back to basics in Austin, Texas where we originally started from, with all our wonderful friends but without the cats and I miss them immensely! :-/

So heres a gist of what we have experienced in the last few months

  • Reuniting with my baby kitties. For all of you wondering… YES they remembered us 🙂
  • Driving our car from DC to Toronto and back in a bad bad storm – yea… not a good idea – don’t do it!
  • The worst storm in a 100 yrs in DC about 3-4 feet of snow… I felt like I was back in Buffalo 🙂
  • Being back in Austin… it was a very surreal feeling since I wasn’t expecting to be back so soon.
  • Our cats became friends… yea they didn’t really care for each other before but now they cuddle… and it’s so cute!

So all in all its been an exciting couple of months and we still owe a couple more blog posts from our travels but they are on their way… so keep an eye out for them.


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