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So most of you already know that we ditched our plans to move to Canada and are currently living in gorgeous San Francisco 🙂 So I won’t be gettting into that story…
I saw this on someone else’s blog and loved this idea because it is important to recognize the small simple things that make us smile and bring positivity in our lives. I plan to do this every month. So here’s my list –

Ten Things to Smile about in June

1 – Shekhar visitng and introducing us to Karaage — Yummy japanese fried chicken!

2 – A quite random last minute trip to Austin, TX and visiting all our dear friends that I miss a lot!

3- Celebrating our 3 yr wedding anniversary in Austin (where it ALL began :))

4- Not really happy about falling sick and being out of commission for a week and half but thankful for Sahir taking care of me and COOKING me dinner! 😀 (That never happens!) and the boy CAN cook! He’s been lying to me! 🙂

5- Getting the iphone… FINALLY!!! 😀 It is a must-have in San Francisco! (not kidding!)

6- Cooking up many new dishes this month (Fried Chicken, Keema pulao, Paneer from scratch, Green chutney, Chicken Pad Thai, Tofu Tom Yum Soup, Tofu Chow-Mein, Veggie Quesadilla’s)

7- Finally watching the American cult favorite The Big Lebowski. It was quite funny!

8- Thankful for living in San Francisco especially in the summer where the high is usually 68 degrees as opposed to 100 degrees in Austin! 😛

9- The great location we live in where EVERYTHING we need is literally within a 4 block radius. And anything else is a short bus ride away.

10- Finding a GREAT Japanese curry restaurant (Muracci’s) in San Francisco. It is sooo goood!

(Bonus) 11 – Going for the SF Giants and LA Dodgers game at the ball park. I love baseball games, they are mostly just really fun fun picnics!

So what did you smile about this month?


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