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Ten Things to smile about…

Posted on: March 9, 2011

Hello Hello… February was a short month but it was definitely jam packed and before I knew it the month was already over… Here is the list of the ten things that made me smile in February.
  1. My V day gift from Sahir – a much wanted – Giants Blanket 😀 woo-hooo!!
  2. Had the most funnest V day with our plus 1’s – Nik and Chiku at our fav restaurant – Shalimar where Sahir was so loud that the Shalimar folks asked him to keep it down!! 🙂
  3. A last minute trip to Houston to go see Aval. We had a good time at the hospital where we did some puzzles and Amit and Aval’s mom made us some yummy Chai.
  4. Hanging out with Amit, Reema, Barbara,  Kaushal and Priya in Houston. We had a great time with them.

    Yummy Korean Dinner in Houston


  6. Trying out new Rachel Ray recipes. I love her 30 minute dinners. This month I have experimented with Orzo and Quinoa and they were both successful 🙂
  7. Finally deciding that we are not moving out of our Apartment!!! YAY!
  8. The weather people in SF predicting snow here, which would have been the first time since 1976. The snow actually never made but it did send some beautiful sunshine! 😛
  9. Happy Birthday to my sister Renu (22nd) and her husband Rakesh (15th)
  10. Finally going to twin peaks after living in SF for almost a year… 🙂
  11. A extra day off (President’s day)!!

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