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You are 5 months old. How is this possible? Just a few months back you were in my tummy twisting and turning in the middle of the night.

I feel such immense love for you that I cannot explain. I find everything you do so so cute. I think it is safe to say that you have me wrapped around your little finger!

You are developing such a personality!

Your crocodile tears – the way you cough asking to be picked up. At first we actually thought you had a cough but we soon caught on! πŸ™‚

Your dad says that you have learned from the best (me!) πŸ˜›

The big big smiles you give your Nana, Nani, Daddy and me to brighten up our days.

You now splash water when you get into the tub during bathtime and then give a big smile.

Your giggles make us Β drop whatever we are doing and come running…

When you go for a walk in your ergo, you get super silent and just want to watch the trees and the people.

The way you always fall asleep in the ergo just when we are 1 block away from home! So whoever is carrying you has to go for another walk or keep wearing you while you take a mini nap.

The way you sing/talk “aah aah aah” continuously without stopping! πŸ™‚

If we give you our fingers you hold them and pull yourself up

You know when you want something and you KNOW when you don’t!

Not too long ago, you were just a little newborn that slept, ate and pooped and now you are a little person. I know the fun is just beginning and honestly I can’t wait!



Some pics from the past couple of months


Facetiming with your cousins Jai and Nuna
image (1)
Celebrating your Nana and Daddy’s birthday at Dosa
With the Birthday Boys
Facetiming with you Chacha
Nana wearing his birthday gift from you
Daddy with his princess
Rolling over from back to front
With Manish Mama
Already bugging your cousin πŸ™‚
Enjoying the great weather and picnic-ing in Dolores park
Β image (2)
Skyping with Dadi


Eating your Toes

photo 4

My baby girl!

photo 3