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10 months… what the whaaaa?!!?

Posted on: March 31, 2014

Sara is 10 months old… where has time gone? We are on the first birthday countdown and I don’t know how I feel about it… I love watching Sara grow and these last 3-4 months have been SO much fun but at the same time I miss her when she was a little teeny tiny cuddle bug.

Here is our (late) update 🙂

At 10 months, Sara

  • can crawl like a champ! Put her down and off she goes! 
  • can eat finger foods (puffs, blueberries, pieces of fruit, pieces of french toast)
  • is a picky eater… sigh! She eats what she likes and spits out anything she doesn’t. You can’t sneak in a bite of anything that she doesn’t like! 
  • is a screamer! You can’t make her do anything she doesn’t want to. She is a VERY strong willed baby! 
  • is now exploring everything! She likes to play with everything except her toys. iPhone, tv remote, apple tv remote. There was a week where we lost all the remotes in our house!
  • can pull herself up and stand and sometimes will take a step but she knows she can get to it fast if she crawls so just sits down and speeds off.
  • loves her friend Audrey except does’t know how to play with her yet. 
  • Can wave bye and give high 5’s
  • gives wet slobbery kisses.
  • loves popsicles (strawberry, kiwi, orange)
  • is obsessed with cats and dogs. She has been training hard on her crawl speed up so she can catch up to Stoli and “pet” him.

Needless to say, she continues to amaze me each day and can melt my heart with a quick flash of her toothless smile 🙂

Here are some pics

Nani’s Love


6 months with Santa the Hutt 😉


7 Months and vacationing in DC with Sameer Chacha and Zejfa Chachi 



We visited our friends Reema and Amit and their twin girls in Dallas and this is the best pic that I was able to get of the girls “playing” with each other 🙂


8 months and this is our “explorer” pose 🙂 


Loooveee to stand 🙂



Chasing Stoli (as usual)



Mom! I’m done eating!


Happy Valentine’s Day! Celebrating with Bi-Rite ice cream. Yes, we gave her a lick. 😛



9 months in and 9 months out! 


Sara crawled under the kitchen table and stood up and didn’t know how to come out! 


With her friends Georgie and Sophie



And there’s that toothless smile that melts my heart…





4 Responses to "10 months… what the whaaaa?!!?"


So beautiful!! SHe is one gorgeous baby! LOve that toothless smile too and esp. love the stuck under the table cry!! haha!! Esha has done that several times too! 🙂

So sweet – cant wait for another play reunion. Hopefully this time Curious George and Bamm Bamm will be nicer to Sara!

She’s a cutie pie just like her momma! If you’re ever in NYC I would love to meet her and catch up with you. xoxo

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