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This was an eventful month! We did ALOT this month!
1. Sara had her naming ceremony and her Sameer Chacha came to meet her. We missed seeing Zejfa Chachi this time but hopefully we will see her in a couple months.
2. Sara made a trip to see her Daddy at the SF Google office
3. Sara made a trip to see her Mommy’s office and meet all her friends
4. We went on our first vacation with lil Miss Sara. This was her first time on an airplane and her first international trip! Whoa! Yea we were brave! We took a trip to Switzerland and France. One of Sahir’s friend from high school was getting married so a bunch of friends decided to meet up and rent a chalet and just hang out.

We didn’t get to do a lot since Sara is still so little and everything had to be planned around her feeding schedule but it was nice to just get away from the daily routine.

Here are some of our travel essentials with a 3 month of infant –
– We traveled with our UPPAbaby Vista stroller and Carseat. Albeit expensive, this is a great sturdy stroller. We kept joking that it could probably run over some of the tiny cars in Europe 🙂 It worked really well on the cobblestone paths and the big storage underneath helped carry a lot of stuff.
Sleep Sheep – Sara just knows its time to sleep when this thing turns on.
– Her Paci’s
Blankets (swaddles and others) These are just needed for everything!
– Burpy Bibs
Ergo Carrier to carry her around in when you don’t want to take the stroller
– Her bath supplies (soap, shampoo, oil for massages), her healthcare kit and the nose frida
Infant Tylenol (we didn’t need to use it but we carried it along just in case) and Gripe water

At this time, she was too young for toys. We did carry a couple of rattles but we didn’t end up using them and of course her clothes, and diapers.

On the flight to Zurich, she slept most of the way and we had to wake her up to eat. On the flight back to SF, she was awake most of the time 🙂 We were jet lagged when we got back and pretty much slept at odd hours for the first few days but got back into the swing of things pretty soon.

Sara’s 3 month roundup

Feedings – 8-10 times a day
Favorite toy – Her gym (still)
Favorite book – Not the Hippopotamus (still)
Likes to hang on – The floor (on a blanket). She just loves to kick kick kick and being on the ground helps
Favorite Activities –
Playing in the gym
Face timing and Skyping
Eating her hands
Meeting new people and just being outdoors
Favorites foods – milk nom nom nom
Not a big fan of – Tummy time

Mom’s 3 month round up:
Favorite Swaddle – Aden Anais
Favorite Activity – Being out and about with Sara

Dad’s 3 month round up:

Favorite Swaddle – Aden Anais
Favorite activity – Being silly and making Sara smile

Here are some pictures from the last month and our trip.

Naming Ceremony




Morning walk with her Chacha


Visiting the Google Office


Visiting the Tibco Loyalty Lab Office with VickyImage

Visiting the Tibco Loyalty Lab Office with Rahul


Visiting the Tibco Loyalty Lab Office With Vinay


The Trip! – Sleeping in the airplane bassinet


Finally off the airplane!


At the chalet we rented


With Shekhar Chacha




Popped Collar Gangsta’s at Aix Les Bains


At Sara’s favorite pub


At Divia’s wedding with her Daddy


At Divia’s wedding with her mommy 🙂


Last coffee in Europe


Back home!


3 months already!



People had told me that  the first few months after you have a baby are crazy… I think it’s really hard to fathom what and how hard it is until you actually go through it.

I feel like there is a lot of emphasis on the pregnancy… very rightly so! You are growing a human being! but the first many few weeks are like a rude awakening after feeling like a diva for 9 months!   New parents need to emphasize on the first few weeks. It is HARD!  New Mama’s need a lot of support because we are stressed about everything! The baby is sleeping too much oh is everything ok? The baby is not sleeping enough oh is everything ok?? And being emotional and sleep deprived with a screaming baby doesn’t help either.

I don’t think the stress ever goes away and is part of being a parent (my mom still worries about me) you probably just get used to being stressed all the time! haha

I am just now starting to feel a little normal. I feel like have the feedings and sleep under some kind of control… There are still the crazy days but getting less as time goes on… until of course the next curve ball comes our way. Just when you think you may have figured out your baby they decide to change things up on you! But in the end it’s all worth it to see that one toothless smile. 😀

Sara’s 2 month round up:

Feedings – 8-12 times a day
Favorite toy – Her gym
Favorite book – Not the Hippopotamus
Likes to hang on – The new born rocker, Boppy lounger
Favorite Activities –
Playing in the gym
Smiling for Dada and Dadi
Face timing with Nana, Nani, Chacha, Chachi, Renu, Rinku Maasi, her friends Aashna, Aariya and  Aadit. She can’t wait to meet all of them!!
Getting a massage and bath
Going to DayOne with mommy and making friends
Favorites foods – milk nom nom nom
Not a big fan of – Tummy time (sigh)

Mom’s 2 month round up:

Favorite Swaddle – Aden Anais
Favorite time – Massage time
Favorite Activity -the afternoon walk to get her tea from Philz. Everyone at Philz also knows Sara now 🙂

Dad’s 2 month round up:

Favorite Swaddle – Woombie
Favorite time – Bath time
Favorite activity – walks with Sara in the Ergo
Favorite book to read for Sara – Not the hippopotamus
Biggest challenge – Trying to put her in the crib after rocking her to sleep since she wakes up as soon as he does 🙂

Pics from her 2 months

Brunchin’ with her buddy Antoine

image (17)

Factiming with Zejfa chachi


Facetiming with Shekhar chacha


Facetiming with her besties Aariya and Aashna

image (1)

Facetiming with Nani

image (2)

Dhwipa Aunty and Nirav Uncle come to visit

image (11)

Meeting Esha and her Mom and Dad

image (14)

Yay for Smiles! 🙂

image (13)

Yay! Dada is here!

image (15)

More Smiles!! 😀

image (16)

2 months already!

photo (8)

Hello All!!
September was a whirlwind. There was soooo much going on that the month just flew by!! I cannot believe that the year is almost ending. Fall is here and soon enough holiday season will be upon us. With all that was going on in last month, I think I might have more than just 10 things to smile about in September 🙂

1 – We spent Labor day with Lubna and her brothers in Yosemite National Park. Yosemite is gorgeous! We did 3-4 hikes in the 2 days that we were there and it was just so beautiful and serene.

2 – Manish, Girja, Jai, Prashant and Pavitra visited us. Had a fun fun time with everyone especially little Jai.

3 – I ran my first Half Marathon!!! It was an amazing experience. The last 2 miles were the hardest but Sahir ran them with me so thats what got me through it!

4 – Signing up for the Nike SF Womens half Marathon in Oct! This is the one I originally wanted to do and it was completely sold out but I managed to find my way in. It just goes to prove how far a girl will go for a Tiffany’s necklace  the finishing medal 😀

5 – An impromptu work visit to Minneapolis. I got to see Mall of America and compare it to Mall of Emirates (which is apparently based on the idea of Mall of America). Yea… there is no comparison. MOA is huge and big but MOE beats it hands down!

6 – Sahirs parents came to visit us. We had SUCH an awesome time with them! Shopping, sight-seeing, cooking, gossiping. It’s always so much fun with family. Now the house is so empty 😦 I miss them a lot!!! 

7 – Watching the Opera (Aida) with Sahir. Never thought I would understand it, let alone enjoy it! It was beautiful! Definitely want to go to more.

8 – Watching the musical Dreamgirls with Sahirs parents. It was really entertaining and we had a great time.

9 – Celebrating Sahir’s big 3-0! We had a party at home with family and friends and Sahirs mom cooked up a huge feast! (I helped :)) We had another party with other friends over the weekend.

10 – Shekhar coming to visit us for Sahir’s big 3-0. It’s always a crazy party with Shekhs!

(Bonus) 11 – Giants going to the Playoffs!!!! YAY! The only thing I dislike about it is that we can NEVER find parking. Oh well… that’s the fun of living in SF 🙂

So what did you smile about in September? 🙂

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