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Terribly late again – I know!! BUT I am on the ball and I am already working on my February list, so I definitely won’t be late on that one 🙂 Here ya go…

  1. The end to a cold but really fun vacation in Canada.
  2. Meeting up with Nihar and his girlfriend who were visiting San Francisco and cat/house-sitting for us 🙂
  3. Going to Orlando, Florida to run the Disney Half Marathon. It was Sahir’s first half marathon and he did great!!
  4. Planning a trip to Austin for Anar’s Baby Shower weekend. So excited to go see everyone again! 
  5. Having a few chilled out weekends after a really long time. No travels, no big plans… just enjoying being home and in the city. 
  6. While the rest of the country was having snow days left and right, we were fortunate enough to enjoy some really great weather. We have tried to take as much advantage as we can and spend a lot of time outdoors. The SF examiner also called it a “heat-wave” which was 67 degrees! I don’t think they have been to Texas!
  7. I got to hang with Maya for a couple of days who was in town for work. It was awesome!!
  8. Going vegetarian for a few weeks. This used to be a yearly tradition for us and then for the last couple of years we weren’t able to keep up with it but we started it again and it is a great way to detox.
  9. Getting a mani/pedi 🙂 after a really long time.
  10. Flat Stanley coming to visit from San Diego, CA! We took Flat Stanley around San Francisco and took some pictures with him and sent him back to his friend Ricky 🙂

November is my favorite month of the whole year!
It is the start of the holiday season, it is my birthday month, it is when the weather gets nice and cold AND it’s when you can shop without feeling terribly guilty (SO many good deals out there! :)). Just a whole lot of fun!
Unfortunately this is also the time when I miss our families in Dubai the most because you always want to be with family around the holidays. (Mental Note to self: Plan the Dubai trip soon!!)

So… without further adieu… here is the list of 10 things that made me smile in November –

  1. My Birthday! Surprise flowers, Happy Hour with my work buddies, Dinner at a WONDERFUL fancy restaurant (Quince), and Lots o gifts…. what’s not to smile about??
  2. Our new rug! It looks great, the cats love it and it doesn’t shed! YAY!
  3. Vineet visiting us from Dubai. Had a great time hanging out AND discovered a new brunch restaurant – Canteen.
  4. Meeting up with Amina after many years. It was really nice to reconnect and catch up!
  5. A great trip to Austin complete with amazing friends, tex-mex, bbq and just the warm fuzzy feeling of being home.  
  6. Movie Night!! Once every few weeks we get together with our good friends Nik & Chiku, order take-out and watch a movie on netflix. This month we saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It was a creeeeepyyy suspense thriller movie.
  7. Earlier when the Giants won the World Series and we were out celebrating, I lost my drivers license. Some good soul (a reporter from the Associated Press) found this and went through the trouble of locating me and dropped it off at my Apt Concierge. A big THANK YOU to him. This proves that San Francisco has nice people too!! 🙂
  8. Training with Sahir for the upcoming half marathon! It’s really hard to motivate ourselves to run outside in the winter but we are doing it!!
  9. Spending Thanksgiving with Nik and Chiku and all the yummy food they cooked for us. Currently NOT smiling about all the extra pounds but we can worry about that in January. 🙂
  10. Getting a sweet message from Manali for Loy Krathong. We celebrated this beautiful Thai festival last year in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand with Manali and Terry. Can’t believe it’s been a whole year!

So… what did you smile about in November?

Oh October… when did you come and when did you go… I didn’t even realize it!
I know I’m late but here is a list of 10 things that made me smile in October…

  1. Sahir’s big 3-0 Celebration!! (No, I’m not cheating, the party with family was in September and the party with friends was in October :P)
  2. Anuj, Anar, Mehlam and Faiza visited us. We had a great time with our Austin family!
  3. Running the SF Nike Women’s Marathon. Trisha ran the entire race with me (even though she is much faster than me) AND we crossed the finish line together. It was an amazing feeling! And of course the icing on the cake was the Tiffany’s necklace! 😀 See pics here.
  4. Visiting my sister Renu and her family in San Diego. Food + naps + games + cuddles + fun = a great relaxing family weekend!
  5. I bought a new area rug for our living room. We are still waiting for it to be delivered within the next few days.
  6. Going on a mini shopping spree. I hadn’t bought clothes in some time and it was definitely time for me to drop some cash 😀
  7. Giants WON the World Series!!!!! Whoo Hoooo!!
  8. Signing up for YET another half marathon – The Disney Half Marathon! haha – Yes… it does sound like I’m addicted!
  9. Discovering a great Mexican Taco’s place – Papalote.
    I’ve had a hard time finding a good taco place in California. Somehow I can’t get used to corn taco’s and that seems to be the trend in California! But at Paplote – you can get your taco’s in flour tortillas 😀
  10. Our upcoming trip to Austin! YAY!!

So what did you smile about in October?

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